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De Key
Our student complex is managed by housing corporation De Key. De Key performs maintenance and you pay your rent to them. The person directly responsible for our complex is Walther Fränkel, who can be reached via walther.frankel@dekey.nl. His office is located at the back of the purple flat (1300). Walther is there every morning from Monday through Thursday. De Key can be reached via email on info@dekey.nl  and can be called on number: 020-6214333 

Do you have questions regarding rent, the service fee or your contract? Go to www.dekey.nl. All info regarding De Key and our complex can also be found in the De Key Student app, available for iOS and Android.

Repair requests

Is your bell, lamp or ventilation broken? De Key performs free repairs for private rooms, the shared hall and the shared kitchen.

Visit www.dekey.nl/reparatieverzoek/ to submit a repair request. 

Student caretakers

Each flat has two student caretakers. These are other tenants performing services for De Key. If you have any questions regarding your stay, you can talk to them. They are the bridge between you as tenant and De Key. The student caretakers also check your hallways, kitchen and common balconies for fire safety on a regular basis.

You can contact the student caretakers through email on studentbeheer.rodekruislaan@gmail.com or on Facebook.


‘De RXL’ is the residents association for our student complex located on the Rode Kruislaan in Diemen. This student complex is managed by De Key and consists of five colored flats, all of them 15 stories high. The terrain is home to around 1.000 students. Each floor has two hallways which share a storage- and washing room. A corridor has five singular rooms and one independent room with their own kitchen.

Lay-out independent room

  • Entrance hall
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Small kitchen

Lay-out singular room

  • Entrance hall
  • Bed/living room
  • Bathroom

The singular rooms share a single larger kitchen at the end of the hallway. This kitchen is shared with four people.

The fuse box is located in the storage room, one per floor. On the ground floor are the mailboxes, the waste disposal unit, and an indoor and outdoor bicycle storage.


Waste separation:

Your general waste can be disposed of in the waste disposal unit on the ground floor. You need your electronic key to get in. There’s also a container for plastic waste and cardboard/paper. You can read more about this on the recycling page.

You can dispose of glass in a container down the street from the yellow building. 

    Other facilities:

    • There is a powered bicycle pump behind the purple building
    • You can find a basketball court on the same plaza.
    • Behind the yellow building there is a large playing field where you can play soccer, take a walk or use the BBQ spot.
    • ‘t Kruispunt, our very own residents’ room, is regularly open for studying and socialising. Check the upcoming events for exact times!

    You can find the floor plans for the independent room, singular room and both hallways below. Click an image to enlarge it.

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