The rent, what does it all mean?

  • Basic rent: The same as net rent. This is the price of your room without the payment of the service rent.
  • Net rent: The same as basic rent. This is the price of your room without service costs. 
  • Sevice costs: this are the extra cost, for example gas, water, light and the cleaners. 
  • Gross rent: The total amount of rent, so the net rent/basic rent and the service costs.

You can look here for more descriptions.

Where do I sign my contract?

Most of the time you can do this at the office of De Key (Hoogte Kadijk 179). You will receive an email with more information when you have confirmed you want to rent a room.

Is subletting allowed?
Yes, that’s allowed, but only if it’s shorter than half a year and the subtenant is a student as well. You can find more information at:  De Key subletting.