Residents survey the RXL

To get to know you better, we’re doing research now. This research is about how well De RXL is known as well as the needs and wishes of you, our residents. Do you know what we can do for you? Do we know your needs? This research is a great way for us to keep improving ourselves, as well as make sure that we are more responsive to what you expect of us.

Fill it in here:

We hope to hear from you!
If you have any questions or comments, you can send a mail to info@derxl.nl.


Introduction board 2016

Last February 3th, three new members of the board of De RXL were chosen! Here, they will give you a short introduction about themselves.


Introduction of the new members of the Board 2015-2016

The new members of the Board 2015-2016 will introduce themselves! secretary and ‘general member of the board’


Board De RXL 2015 says goodbye

It is already time to switch positions as Board De RXL again. After nine months of being Board De RXL 2015 (which went by pretty fast!), some of the members of the Board De RXL 2015 have been resigned during the “ALV” of September 30th. Last January, us seven members were chosen to form the Board De RXL. Together we started freshly and would like to realise our ideas! The main idea was to improve liveability around the complex even more and therefore making the RXL a nicer place to live. In addition, we wanted to make the association more noticeable for all residents. Therefore, a lot of things have been changed  during the past nine months. Together as board, we have learned a lot from ourselves and each other during these months. We have had an unforgettable time we will all remember as a good period in which we have had a lot of fun!



Dear Tenants,

Today,the boat trip was scheduled. However we had to cancel the trip because of the weather. We try to plan the boat trip at another day.
We are planning a ‘Borrel’/ Drink event for this evening. Further information can be found at the showcases across the elevator on the ground floor of each building. In addition, more information about this event will be announced at Facebook soon:

We’re sorry for cancelling this event. We hope to see you this evening!

With kind regards,


Facebook profile changed into Facebook page

Facebook obliged us to turn our personal profile: ‘Bestuur De RXL’ into a Facebook-page (Like ‘De RXL’). Therefore, ‘Bestuur De RXL’ is not a personal profile anymore.

From now on, it is not possible to ‘be friends’ with ‘Bestuur De RXL’ anymore. Instead of ‘being friends’ you are able to ‘like’ our page. (Like our other Facebook-page ‘De RXL’)

All Facebook-events have been removed but will be made again soon.

Everybody is able to ask their questions by sending a personal message to our Facebook pages: ‘De RXL’ and ‘Bestuur De RXL’. Besides, it is possible to ask your question by sending an e-mail to: info@derxl.nl.


Board 2015 says hello!

foto bestuur 2015 (2)

During the last General Member Meeting at the 14th of January, seven people have been chosen to form our new board for our residents’ association in 2015! A lot of plans have been made to improve the facilities around the complex. We would like to improve the environment around the complex, especially improving safety and make this place feel more like home. Also organization of parties, activities and ‘borrels’ will not be forgotten this year!


Introduction of the new board 2015

524702_149056691911463_521014536_n President

I am Esther Bos and I am 21 years old. I am in the second year of my bachelor at the UvA. I have lived a couple of months at the RXL and since I came here I am an active member of the ac­tivity committee. As the president of the new board I will be the new face of the RXL. I hope we – the other members of the board and I – will contribute to making the RXL a nicer place for people to meet each other.


The 2014 board says goodbye


Hello everybody, with this tiny last paragraph we would like to say farewell as the board of 2014! In the past 14 months we (Laura de Nooij, Nander Wiegman, Kirstin Steenbergen, Annelies Boekestijn and Anne Huitema) have worked hard to make living at the RXL more fun. The board is happy with the plans that have worked out, such as the ball, a courtcase against De Key which we did not lose but also did not win, a garden shed and lots of big activities which many members attended.


RXL newsletter

You can find the latest RXL newsletter in your digital mailbox! This time in the RXL newsletter: lighting, cleaning and much, much more! Very useful if you want to know what is going on on the Rode Kruislaan.

Because we get your email adresses from De Key, you are automatically receiving this newsletter. Do you not get this newsletter? Please send an email to info@derxl.nl, so that we can correct your email adress in our list and send you the newsletter nonetheless.