New Chairman

During the the general members assembly on the 16th of April, a new Chairman was chosen. His name is Tim Ruting (middle of the picture). We wish all the best to the new Chairman and the rest of the Board!




Kingsday drinks!

This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Thu 25 Apr.

It’s time to have drinks again! Because it’s almost Kingsday, we’d like to celebrate this with De RXL as well! Orange drinks and snacks will be present. And as always: first drink for free!
Drink of the month: Screwdriver (while supplies last).

See you soon! Love,
The Activity Committee

p.s. We’re looking for persons who want to help us with organizing drinks and activities. If you’re interested: please talk to us during the activities or email to actie@derxl.nl


Glow in the dark golf

This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Tue 09 Apr.

20 students wonder around the Prins Hendrikkade, in the middle of Amsterdam, not sure where they are and what they are heading for. Questions as; is this the right place/how do we do this and what are we going to do exactly, pop up. However, as soon as they enter the building, get the tools and the lights go off, they are sure: IT IS GLOW IN THE DARK GOLF TIME!

Want to join? Reserve a spot by filling in the form:


Note that if you do not cancel 48 hours beforehand, we are allowed to give you a fine of 5 euros.


Mexican Drinks

This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Wed 20 Mar.

It’s time for the next theme drink: Mexico! First drink for free, as always. And tequila and nachos will be present :). Take all your neighbors and RXL friends, it’s going to be fun!

Interested in organising events and help us? Ask persons in pink, blue, green, purple sweaters with a RXL logo on it for more info or email to actie@derxl.nl




🎳 Strike! 🎳
It’s time to put on your bowling shoes and show everyone who’s the king or queen of the bowling alley! But sign up quickly, because there is room for (only) 48 people. The location is Borchlandweg 6-10 and we’ll start putting on our bowling shoes at 18:50. You can sign up via the link above. Also, please let us know 24 hours before the start of the activity (via actie@derxl.nl), if you are not able to make it, otherwise you’ll risk a fine😢.
For the people who want to join the biking group, we will gather at 18:20 at the basketball court and depart at 18:30. Let us know in the form if you want to cycle with us.
LOCATION: Borchlandweg 6-10, 1114 BD Duivendrecht

SIGNUP LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/2AIRIh6LW7XdNiN42



This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Thu 21 Feb.

On February 21 there will be drinks from 20:00-22:00 at the back of the blue building. Come enjoy some Dutch snacks and get your first drink for free!


Ice skating

This is an event. The event starts at 21:00, Mon 04 Feb.

What do we do when its winter in the Netherlands? Ice skating! That’s why we go ice skating again at the Jaap Eden baan. We’ll pay your entrance ticket and your skates. You have to bring your gloves (mandatory!), muscles and a good mood :).

  • There are limited places, click on THIS  link to reserve a spot.
  • We will be waiting outside the Jaap Eden baan between 21:00 en 21:15. If you are late, we unfortunately cannot let you in because we are ice skating ourselves.

IMPORTANT: if you have reserved a spot, you can cancel until 48 hours beforehand, by sending an email to actie@derxl.nl. If you do not cancel and are not present, we are allowed to give you a fine of 50% of the costs we make for you!

TLDR: 4th of February ice skating, sign up via the link.


New board

At the general members assembly on the 16th of January, a new board was chosen. The current board now consists of:

Mia– Chairman (midle of the photo)
Lynn– Secretary
Sjoerd– Treasurer

We want to thank the previous board (Evi, Toer, Preshand, Sam) and wish all the best to the Mia, Lynn and Sjoerd!



Christmas gift bags

This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Wed 19 Dec.

We’re giving away Christmas gift bags for your hallway. Reserve one of the 30 bags asap via leefbaar@derxl.nl mentioning your hallway number and the name of the person collecting the bag. The bags contain everything you need to have a ‘gezellige’ Christmas celebration with your flatmates.


General Members’ Assembly

This is an event. The event starts at 20:00, Wed 20 Jun.

During an ALV (Algemene Ledenvergadering, or “General Members’ Assembly”), the RXL board lays out its plans for the coming months and shows its progress in the months since the last ALV. Any member is welcome, and this is your chance to put the things you care about on the association’s agenda.