The elevator is not moving. 

If this happens at a floor you can open and close the door. If this doesn’t work you can fill in a reparation request on the website of De Key, or you can call the company of the elevator, Orona (0172-446111). 

The elevator doesn’t work. 

You can fill in a file for reparation at the website of De Key, or you can call the company of the elevator (0172-446111).
What should I do when the fire alarm goes off?

Check at which floor the alarm is coming from, and check if there is really something on fire.

If nothing is wrong, go to the ground floor. Next to the door to the elevators is a small box with a lock. You can put any random key in here and turn it around. This will stop the alarm.

If something is wrong: Smash the glass of the building-wide fire alarm in the hallway. Then check if you can extinguish the fire. The fire extinguishers can be found in the kitchen (directly next to the door) and in the hallway (directly next to the entrance).

Close windows and doors (this is fire retardant), and leave the building as soon as possible. Call the Dutch emergency number (112)