‘Rode Kruislaan’, the students complex of De Key, is located in Diemen (which is a separate municipality, not belonging to Amsterdam). The five coloured buildings were built in 1972. They consist of 15 floors with two different types of rooms: dependent units, which are single rooms with a bathroom containing your own shower and toilet and a little hall. You share your kitchen with 5 other tenants. Independent units have a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Besides that, on every floor is a washroom and a storage room, every person on each floor has access to it. A considerable part of the rooms are hired to Short-Stayers resulting in a constant flow of new students.

On the ground floor you can find an indoor bike shed and a rubbish shed. When you walk trough the very first door, you can see the mailboxes at your right.

De RXL is active as a tenants assocation on the Rode Kruislaan. We organise activities and defend the rights of tenants. Posters of activities are hanging across the elevators. You can follow us on facebook: