Association de RXL

Which committees does de RXL have?

      • Board: Maintains connections with other organisations and keeps an eye on the committees. Besides that, it organises the general residents meeting.
      • Activity committee: organises activities and drinks.
      • Livelihood committee: makes the complex a more cozy and better place to live.
      • Welcome committee: makes new residents feel welcome on de RXL. Brings residents a welcome present, and organises dinners.
      • Cash audit committee: checks the treasurer on the payments. They meet once in half a year. For contact, email to:

  • Studentcaretakers: The studentcaretakers are not part of the association of de RXL, but are organised by De Key. They help the caretaker with checking the safety and hygiene of the buildings, and you can email them for questions about the buildings.

How can I join a committee?

We are always happy if you’d like to be active in a committee! However, it is not always possible to join a committee if you’re not Dutch. This is dependent on the people who are in the association at that moment. To get more information you can send an email to the board, activity committee, welfare committee, welcomecommittee, studentcaretakers.

Why should I join a committee?

When you join a committee you  get new skills in a lot of different things, like organising and creative thinking. It is a nice way to get to know your neighbours and other people on de Rode Kruislaan. Besides, it is a nice addition to your Curriculum Vitae.

How much time does it cost to be active in a committee?

This is different for every committee and of course depends on how much time you want to spend on it. However, we are happy with all help we get, even if you don’t always have time. You can look on the pages of the committees or send them an email for more information.

Are you allowed to take friends who do not live at de RXL to drinks?

Yes, this is allowed. However, people who do not live on de Rode Kruislaan do not get their first drink for free.

Do I have to pay for the activities of de RXL?

Most of the times this is not necessary, because you already pay a small contribution as part of your monthly rent. If you have to pay something you will see this on the facebook page of the event. If you are not able to come to an event and you communicate this too late to us, you have to pay a small fee. This is because there is a limit of occupants for some events and the space you were keeping occupied can’t be filled anymore.

I am not able to go to an activity, do I have to communicate this?

If you signed up for an activity and you don’t want to go anymore, you  have to sign out. You can send an email to the activity committee. If you didn’t have to sign up for an activity this is not necessary. If you sign out too late you have to pay a fee, because the number of participants for some activities islimited. Because you signed up at first, it might not be possible for someone else to go to the activity, and then de RXL has payed unnecessarily.

Where are the drinks?
In the summer most of the drinks are at the basketball field in the middle of the complex. In the winter the drinks can be at different locations. You can find information about this at the facebook event of the drink or you can send an email to the activity committee.